Follow your life–not a list!

concept of New Year resolution fading, being erased, forgotten or falling apart - white chalk handwriting on blackboard

At the gym here in Guadalajara this week, the crowds are thinning.

Heading into the second week of January I’ve noticed a predictable loss of enthusiasm among people who are beginning to find that working out isn’t as big a priority as they’d imagined.

We all know the feeling; and January 12 is actually “Stick to Your New Years Resolutions Day.”

Sticking to our resolutions is getting harder every day. So I stopped trying.

The universe and I have come instead to an agreement: it will keep providing memorable and marvelous experiences and projects ; I agree to feel overwhelmed and grateful by the stream of lessons and gifts.

A few people might actually stick to some carefully considered and hopeful list of what they think they need to do.

I travel light instead and just pack plenty of joy and gratitude; everything in my life takes care of itself without my questionable ability to make things happen.

The time you spent recently coming up with a resolution and thinking of ways you might achieve something would have been much better spent enjoying life instead.




Some people just know how to keep their cookie jar filled.

Namely, the folks with strong vision and connections.

Lacking these, all our potential is about as filling as flour blowin’ in the wind: it’s not doing anything or nourishing us because there’s nothing holding everything together.

A strong vision is like milk or shortening that binds all your potential together so it can accomplish something useful and creative.

Then strong connections and a reliable network are like the team of bakers who’ll process your mass of dough into the proper consistency and shape before putting the raw cookies into the oven.

So stop being carried here and there by every breeze. Develop a vision you can believe in and a network that will be there when you need it. Get baking today!

So when’s dessert?



What You Know

What do you know?

Are you putting lots of it into everything you write?

One big reason your readers don’t stay excited about what you’ve written: they just aren’t interested in reading stuff they’ve heard somewhere else.

Make that “former readers.” They’ll only keep reading if you give them something unique and surprising.

Tweaking what you heard somewhere feels easy and safe. It should set off your mental alarms instead.

Everything should be original and thought-provoking. This requies more guts, skill and enthusiasm than most of us can come up with without professional help.

But it will set you apart from the competition so it’s the best investment of effort and resources.

Writing what you know is your ticket to success. When it becomes your trademark, your work will have a chance of putting you over the top.

Deep down you already know this; you also know how to make it happen.

Get an editor.

Pure Gold!

America’s epochal gold rush began an hour or two from where I sit. Then a cascade of treasure seekers transformed a sleepy town into a base camp to their fame and fortune. In the process they helped turn San Francisco into one of the country’s most iconic and beloved cities.

Now millions of modern-day adventurers “know the way to San Jose,” as Dionne Warwick once sang. They’re drawn (physically or digitally) to Silicon Valley’s still booming high tech gold rush. It’s happening south of where the gold miners once stopped for critical supplies, technical help, and gossip that dreams were made of.

(Sound a bit like you?)

In one recent blog I compared those 19th-century 49ers to the internet and social media superstars of our age. They are similar, but we can follow in their footsteps without leaving our computer desks. We just need to know what variety of “gold” we’re seeking, and discover the optimal way to capture and leverage it.

There’s actually a pot of gold with your name on it. It has been growing inside you for years. Your special values, qualities and habits have always helped you succeed. Just like physical gold, you can be creative and shape them, your internal treasure, into something beautiful. Most want to exchange it for essential goods and services that keep you comfortable and productive.

The original gold prospectors could go mining, or grab a pan and head for a local stream. Modern business “prospectors” with the right backing and background might search for a major lode. But many entrepreneurs enjoy nurturing the equivalent of unexpected “placer gold” treasures in themselves, and for their business communities.

Future posts will explore proven, low tech ways to tap into the internal gold that’s been hiding right there in the gravel and sand of your everyday experience and constraints. Our innovative combination of brainstorming, inspiration and carefully planned growth and communication is all you’ll need to strike it rich.

Guess you could call it a “Pure Gold” process!

Stay tuned, thanks for reading, and stay happy.