Write like a pro (4 of 6): How Ogilvy taught engagement

These days, your local Starbucks can get quieter than a library.

People go there to “engage” digitally with crowds of strangers they’ll never lay eyes on, rather than chat with people at the next table.

Maybe they’re looking for greater control over every encounter. Or like the convenience and variety of instant access to unlimited media and channels in their personal corners of the “convergence culture.” Or perhaps doubt their social abilities.

There are opportunities and challenges for all of us here.

The opportunity to “go viral” if we can write vivid and persuasive content that’s driven by a big idea. And a real danger of disappearing without a trace if we don’t.

The legendary British advertising executive and designer David Ogilvy was an excellent communicator. He created many of the most effective print and broadcast ads in history. His principles form the fountainhead for branding, “tribe” building and push-pull marketing strategies.

“Tell the truth,” he said. “But make the truth fascinating. You can’t bore people into buying your product, you can only interest them into buying it.”

His advice to have “big ideas” and be remarkable is more important than ever–for writers as well as advertisers and marketers. Just tell the truth and wrap it in a fascinating story. Engage your readers and make them hungry for more.

All those people hunkered over their laptops in Starbucks are searching for, or experiencing, content that brings Ogilvy’s principles to life. He’s the only guru most content writers need.

Watch this well produced and thought provoking four minute video and make Ogilvy’s advertising philosophy your engagement strategy. It’s what most great writing pros do.

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  1. Superb Post! I will definetly be coming more. Look forward to more.

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