Somebody To Love

Yesterday I had a great conversation with a charming European lady who has enjoyed a stellar career as controller, financial advisor and tax consultant. For decades, she used her talent with numbers and hard-nosed analysis to succeed as an employee, consultant and financial services provider.

She recently decided to put her enthusiasm to more good use, becoming an entrepreneur in an entirely new industry. So over lunch we worked on a “brand” for her new venture.

Last week I’d shown her my original personal development process, which has helped many individuals and a company or two create a new professional or business persona for themselves. And now, digging into a savory Ruben sandwich, she was amazed to discover a powerful yet overlooked talent.

This talent would help her authentically engage with future prospects and customers. It would also make work more fulfilling and enjoyable. And as a big bonus, help her honor two extraordinary people–her mother and grandmother–by “channeling” their ability to tell a great tale.

She’s actually a gifted story-teller. And since everyone responds to a great story, perfecting this newly discovered skill will help her nurture more profitable business relationships.

Like 99% of us, she’s spent her life overlooking what she’s truly capable of, and can offer to clients and friends. For most of her life her comfort zone was bounded by society’s two-dimensional definition of who she is and what she’s really worth.

Most of my clients have had similar breakthrough experiences. For example, one experienced telecom manager and officer in the Air Force Reserve discovered a new calling as a counselor to teenagers.

They’re both doing more than learning how to persuade prospects and customers to know, like and trust them. They’re discovering a powerful new reason to like and trust themselves.

She is one more person who has met somebody to love. Herself.

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