Marketing for One

In any persuasive and memorable conversation, each participant intuitively answers their own unspoken question, “Is he or she talking to me?” with a heartfelt “Yes!”

Since any successful marketing is persuasive and memorable, that’s obviously the answer every marketer wants to elicit.

It’s much easier to have your email service begin the subject line with each recipient’s name, in the laughable hope that a prospect has never gotten a “customized” email before, and can be fooled into thinking it’s really a personal note just for them.

Unfortunately, that easy ploy wouldn’t even fool a caveman today. Everybody knows that marketers never talk to just one person at a time.

That is, unless a business owner or marketer has discovered what’s unique about their business, product or service. And can communicate that uniqueness and other key personal values clearly, concisely and compellingly.

Before they had language, cave dwellers knew how to build tribes around shared beliefs. Civilizations and mass communications were nowhere in sight, but the qualities that make civilizations and communications successful were alive and well around the camp fire.

It’s only our laziness and “something-for-nothing” pipe dreams that prompt us to forget those lessons learned by our ancestors, eons ago.

Marketing for one simply and sincerely transfers our personal “Why,” core message, and fundamental beliefs.

If cavemen could do it, why can’t we?

So come closer to our little two-person fire. It’s time you made “Marketing for One” work for your business, too.


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