Extreme Teamwork

Here’s a short video of a local Dragonboat team competing in a national tournament a month ago. I practice with many of these men and women every Saturday–we pull a stroke every second for an hour or so.

This fiberglass craft and the 22 people in it are very heavy, yet there are moments when we’re so coordinated it lifts off the water. I kid you not.

A Dragonboat team in action

As you watch this, imagine having a team of prospects and customers, partners and collaborators, employees and supporters functioning with this much energy, dedication, and cooperative spirit. Imagine your company defying marketplace gravity and lifting off.

Here’s the good news: it can happen. The first simple step is to accept my offer of a free two-hour conversation about you or your business. My original process has helped many companies and individuals identify and tap into all their resources, not just the ones that will generate money for other people. It can do the same for you, too.

And the only bad news? You haven’t started. Let’s be in touch soon and get you under way. Today.


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