Sharing Real Wealth

You know the story. Here’s the first version I heard:

Once a financial whiz kid, walking down a beach in Cyprus, came across a grizzled and tattered old man fishing from a big rock. Without provocation, the suit began urging the fisherman to buy a boat, hire employees, build his business.

After each well-turned suggestion the old man replied with an amused smile and a simple question: “What will that get me?”

“Just think!” exclaimed the professional. “When your company gets big enough you can retire and do anything you want!”

That’s when (drum roll, please) the fisherman looked around and asked the young man, “And just what do you think I’m doing here?”

The old man had decided to bypass all the toil and trouble that burdens the typical money-hungry worker or executive.

A more clever professional would take a few minutes to discover what the old man still needed, now that he was able to live like a wealthy man by doing only what he enjoyed and appreciated.

And this story would be very different if the visitor had been my friend and internet marketing consultant, Jarom Adair, instead.

Jarom would have certainly wandered up, then keeping one eye on his wife and kids playing nearby (since he probably never travels without them), would have begun listening to the old man’s story. So he could get to know the fisherman, and see if there was anything he needed help with.

Nothing pressing at the moment? Then Jarom would respectfully wish the old man a good day and return to his family. Leaving the old man scratching his head and wondering how he could get Jarom to sit and chat a little more. Because as the saying goes, “It gets lonely at the top.”

It’s very important to discover what makes people tick before we begin pressing our values and beliefs on them. Once we become good at that discovery process, we can help that person become “wealthy” by offering many options and choices.

Our challenge is to use our own self-awareness to help illuminate and warm the lives of everyone we come into contact with.  That’s worth working on.

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