One tactic saved her $1,200 a month

It seems a 23-year-old New York City woman got all the free fancy dinners she could handle, using the online dating site to meet lots of well-heeled suitors. “Before I barely had enough money to pay for food,” she told Business Insider. “After using I found I wasn’t going into debt anymore.”

Of course, it isn’t easy to enjoy life in Manhattan on a $45,000 salary. But the dating site helped her connect with guys who would take her out to expensive restaurants five nights a week. Her own food bills went down dramatically, but “It was exhausting,” she said. “I needed my sleep and I was done playing the game.” So she quit.

She and her hopeful suitors got what they wanted, I guess.

But if you’re interested in creating more meaningful and long-lasting relationships, we should talk.

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