How My Dog Became an Entrepreneur

My dog Boscoe is a professional customer service provider.

For obvious reasons, he has no resume or cover letter.

But that’s no problem. For years his owner, a seasoned branding and content coach, has helped small businesses and entrepreneurs develop unique core messages or brands, compelling value statements, and world-class content.

Just between us, helping two-legged clients define their brand can be harder than with Boscoe. So the “branding” process I’ve been using for a couple of years worked pretty smoothly here.

As I always do, I noted his intangibles–not what he does or how, but his attitude, approach and intent–in my original variation of a mind map diagram. After grouping them together, I “instilled” these groups to create a simple core message describing his unique Why: what makes him a pleasure for the right people to work with.

My human clients’ core message is usually just three words. But Boscoe is special enough to deserve a longer phrase. His brand statement: “Calm and engaging as a clock.”

Boscoe makes people feel special. He doesn’t play fetch, but will stop and talk to anybody. Other dogs are less interesting. 

I took him to a neighborhood burrito bar that really needs better customer service. I’d stopped eating there after an employee with a Napoleon complex argued over my request for extra guacamole; my last vegetarian burrito had included only rice and beans. They had to be losing other customers and wondering how attract more.

So when the owner was there recently I offered to let Boscoe sit outside their entrance and attract passersby. With his clean and soft white coat and dreamy black-rimmed eyes, he’d be eating out of their hands in no time.

And while Boscoe worked his magic I’d be at the outside table of a surfer’s coffee shop right next door on my laptop, occasionally taking him for a walk around the block.

The first few days worked so well, they’ve asked Boscoe to take up his station there every evening. I’m wondering which other neighborhood businesses could use his help.

In the internet age, authentic engagement is king. Discovering, then communicating your beliefs with relevance, proof and value gives you an edge over the competition and confidence.

Just ask Boscoe!

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