The Perfect Place

Decades ago, fans of Carlos Castaneda’s books dreamed of disappearing from their workaday worlds and “finding the proper place to rest.” Back then there were plenty of proper places available to us; so his hero Don Juan challenged us to discover exactly where our own special spot was, and quietly occupy it.

Those were obviously simpler times, in a much less crowded landscape. Before anyone can rest today, he or she feels they must first succeed. To succeed, we must gain some advantage over many other people competing to find the same fertile “place.” People with access to the same tools and resources available to us. So gaining that advantage means being able to cut through the often impenetrable clutter of a frantically over-connected world, bearing a unique and persuasive message.

Some of us succeed by helping others succeed first. Managers, teachers and recruiters are good examples. But they must identify and leverage not only their own core message and tool kit. They must do the same for the people they work with, too.

In today’s economy and society, “resting” seems to have become a fairy tale dream. And it’s no longer enough to find the perfect place; we must occupy it–and sometimes help those we work with discover and occupy it for themselves.

It’s a lot more difficult than it used to be. But it can be done; just look at the ordinary people who create, and bask in the success of, viral videos. But in the social media age you need special equipment to discover and fence off your perfect place.

It’s time we talked.

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