Can We Really Trust You?

“Free and Easy Marketing” sounds like the kind of cheesy email subject line that floods our inboxes.

But it isn’t. Now you can launch an innovative, effective and appealing marketing campaign without paying any experts or following some one-size-fits-all, expensive,  technology-driven program.

You’ll also create and inspire a group of advisors with a vested interest in your long-term success, and quickly see how to tap into all their resources.

This proven, common-sense approach focuses on stuff that really matters to any savvy business owner: seeing better results, a committed community of stakeholders, and building trust with us.

Face it: most of us don’t trust you now. We want to, but it will only happen after you give us a good reason to.

What if  Wordpress, Wikipedia or Open Office began offering personalized marketing consultations? You could trust them to provide a similar open source process that makes it easy for us to trust you, with open source-inspired marketing.

You don’t ask anonymous open-source expert contributors for credentials. And you don’t harbor doubts about the quality of their work. Based on personal experience, shared reputation and proven results, you trust them and the value of what they offer.

Marketing to social media age audiences is also about trust. Treat us with respect. Create content that’s rich with relevance, proof and value. Convey sincere core messages in a conversational style, as if you’re talking directly to each reader at a party, about things that matter to both of you.

“Free and Easy Marketing,” like open source programs and applications, offers real value to everyone. Results oriented, it builds communities and is intrinsically engaging.

This marketing program will cost nothing to establish in your company, organization or community. And it’s easy because it’s based on conversations and collegial brainstorming sessions.

Free and easy, and it works. Let’s get started. <>

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