20 Great Reasons To Know Your “Why”

Your “Why” should be reflected in every business activity, communication or event.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, check out this video and understand why it’s what great leaders do first.

But first, read these 20 real-life business improvements that will follow when you’re clear on your core message or “Why.” You’ll become able to:

  1. Introduce yourself as a unique, compelling individual and business owner–every time
  2. Set more realistic and achievable goals for yourself and your business
  3. Tap into all your skills and abilities, not only what you do at work or in business
  4. Gain new confidence in yourself and your business’ true potential
  5. Make your marketing more agile and responsive
  6. Add relevance and power to recruitment and staff training
  7. Recruit better sales professionals and inspire greater enthusiasm for your mission
  8. Turn receptionists and administrative staff into great front-line sales people
  9. Give inside staff members–accountants etc.–contagious buy-in fever
  10. Build an extraordinary executive team who are always on the same page
  11. Ensure that every investor and financial backer becomes a long-term supporter
  12. Build stronger, more productive ties to local and business communities
  13. Attract and keep high-quality, highly reliable temps or interns
  14. Resolve internal politics and conflicts more quickly–from the bottom up
  15. Make loyalty, excellence and a shared sense of mission your company’s hallmarks
  16. Create a new tradition of constantly updating, verifying and exploring your strategies
  17. Turn meeting minutes into living, value-driven documents
  18. Ensure that your marketing focuses on high quality prospects, not numbers
  19. Persuade consumers or clients to buy sooner, and become more loyal customers
  20. Add exuberance, fulfillment and collaborative payoffs to your benefits package.

In upcoming posts I will explain these outcomes, one at a time. You’ll learn how each can work in a real-life business setting like yours.

Meanwhile, here’s another video you’ll enjoy watching. It got over 70 million hits on YouTube, and I believe gives a business culture model that any business owner can and should follow.

It won’t happen overnight, of course. But it will begin once you know your “why.”

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