Life On The Edge

Many business owners are involved in a pretty risky business: mass marketing.

Just a few years ago this was the safest, most widely accepted, and most discussed way to gain customers and boost ROI. Even today, mass marketing and related sale techniques are mentioned most by sales and marketing professionals on LinkedIn group pages.

As long as these pros enjoy life on the edge, this is a good approach. But business owners who prefer dependable income and long-term company growth are busily rethinking their marketing and business communications.

To understand the need for a transition from industrial-age mass marketing to internet age value driven strategies, first consider your own buying habits. Take a few minutes to consider these seven questions:

  1. How often do I become emotionally engaged by messages obviously broadcast to many people on big lists?
  2. How often do I purchase mass-marketed products or services, other than those offered at “fire-sale” low prices?
  3. If I do purchase mass marketed products or services, how loyal do I feel toward the deep-discounting company where I bought them?
  4. How much do I know about, like and trust online businesses that communicate to faces in the crowd, rather than to unique. discerning and engaging individuals?
  5. How clearly do such messages contribute to my overall quality of life by offering products and services with high value, thought-provoking content or sales messages?
  6. How often do I recommend mass-marketed products and services to my friends and family, other than those deep-discount items?
  7. How frequently do small business mass marketing messages go viral online?

The question becomes,

“If I’m too smart and independent minded to be manipulated by mass marketers, why would my ideal customers fall for it simply because it’s from me? And if they’re too smart for this stuff, why do I keep investing my hard-earned money and time to push it on them?”

Many people still believe in mass marketing. More power to them. But perhaps they should recognize how it might put them on an uncomfortable edge.

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