Conversation Curation

The dictionary defines one very unusual word as follows:
  1. The act of curating, of organizing and maintaining a collection of artworks, artifacts, [or other valuable items].
  2. The act of curing or healing.

Brave souls try to organize and maintain a collection of valuable information items available on the internet today. But anyone can be the curator of the conversations going on around us every day.

These conversations might be in-person or online . . . as long as they might soon turn into real conversation, and not just the kind of tepid bumper-stick exchanges that pass for meaningful conversations on the social media.
To become a curator, it helps to know something about the subject, or at least the other people in this conversation. Context always helps.
Being a lateral or critical thinker will help, too, as it helps a museum curator.
The number of people isn’t a big issue. The quality of the people is.  To paraphrase, “It’s not about the number of people in the group, but the group in the people.” It only takes one unhelpful individual to undermine you.
Most important is your commitment to results. The conversation should bring real value to every participant. Keep it informative–and hopefully stimulating. Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to have a feel for ideas or resources that might contribute to the conversation’s success.
That’s where a well-curated conversation’s secondary definition comes in: caring or healing. Curator as in “one who cures.”
If the group is looking in the same direction, simple curiosity might be enough to nudge anyone into the group.
Understanding my discovery process can really help you organize and maintain any conversation more productively.
So what’s in it for you?
The best groups today are smart enough to elevate the individual who contributes the most into  a leadership role. The group is then a short step from becoming your mastermind or support group.
And given the importance of meaningful collaboration in today’s societies, that kind of group could be just the edge you’ve been looking for to help put you over the top.

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