A marriage proposal poem

Wordsmiths love to add a smile and a long kiss to someone’s day. A programmer in Australia asked me to help him propose; here’s the result, with as many personal references to the couple’s adventures, preferences (both fans of The Simpsons) and pet names as I could fit in.


We’re almost to paradise, Miss Kitty McSquish,

Here at Whitsunday’s Beach I’m honored to wish

For your hand and your future, and adventures galore:

The memories keep blooming and I’m eager for more!


We’ve caught glimpses of paradise, my gorgeous adored,

In valleys and caves, and where Gaudi’s eye soared.

Michelin gave us suppers, Fiji’s falls left us wet

We agree on most everything (except sometimes which pet).


Paradise on the itinerary, every journey, each day.

It scents my life’s memories and your hair where I play.

Laugh at my stories, Homer’s brave cluelessness:

Music wells in your eyes and my life’s a success.


Paradise is a database, since that’s where we met.

It’s in menus, your fashion, your passion, the set

Of your tall gorgeous frame. Let’s explore life together.

Make paradise mine, darling Kitty, forever.

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