Lady Gaga Marketing

Business owners who limit their dreams to growing a profitable business not only do themselves and their stakeholders a disservice. They also underestimate the true power of internet communications and post-Facebook social media (coming soon to a digital device near you).

Consider instead the capacity of digital communications to build a movement. Like Lady Gaga, but starting out with a much smaller circle of friends. Meat dress optional.

A new Fast Company article  points out just two of the many ways the superstar demonstrates her mastery of modern marketing.

“Connect–and stay connected–to creativity,” author Martin Lindstrom suggests. Build a team of dedicated, resourceful and wired supporters who will help keep your message fresh and exciting.

And “Create a direct pipeline to your customer’s soul . . . She steps off the stage fresh with the knowledge of what her audience most passionately responded to. Then, with the applause still ringing in her ears, she steps into [her] mobile studio and responds to their feedback.”

Who needs a mobile studio these days? Get creative with equipment and editing apps and you can create and broadcast a compelling response to your fans’ feedback on the fly!

Most business owners would argue they don’t have the money, imagination or firepower to follow in Lady Gaga’s sparkly footsteps. But all they really lack is the powerful process that can turn even a small group of supporters into the nucleus of a new movement built around them.

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