The Power of Being Vulnerable

  1. Learn to lose, or you’ll take success for granted. Then why succeed?
  2. Allow yourself to be vulnerable, or you’ll never let yourself lose.
  3. To accept vulnerability, rather than fear and avoid it, simply connect more.
  4. Authentic engagement and productive connections can’t be managed into existence. They’re key byproducts of a discovery process that isn’t easy . . . but it’s simple.

You’ll need the right tool, one that enables you to (moving backward now so watch closely).

4. Engage

3. Connect

2. Let yourself become more vulnerable.

1. Turn each loss into an important prelude to your next success.

And then you’ll never take success for granted again; you’ll always celebrate it wholeheartedly.

Learn to use the Gold Mine Mapping tool. Make vulnerability and resourcefulness your unique hallmarks. Then people will want to follow your lead and support you.

Psychologists tell us that after people help us, they like and want to support us more. So being vulnerable is ultimately good for your bottom line.

Still not sold on the power of vulnerability? Check this out, then call me:

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