Two Steps to an Energized Future

Ideas have often changed the course of history. Now it’s time for you to celebrate the potential of your own lifetime of ideas, lessons and experiences and make a big splash of your own.

Start a movement that moves many people to positive action, by using resources already at your disposal.

(This video offers us a great lesson on the key elements of a successful movement)

Many people are content to mimic derivative ideas or statements in content that lacks the personal enthusiasm and drive. Many of us settle for less than what we are due.

A nuclear core message is the clearest possible expression of your unique vision and social intelligence. Leverage it effectively and you’ll begin to inspire, motivate and focus on what matters to you–and to us.

(Here’s another favorite video you may have seen; it helps us understand why we need to know our Why)


Even mediocre or superficial ideas gain traction when they’re expressed compellingly. And some con men make fortunes by convincing us that their hoary platitudes are new paradigms. And some “successful” people do little more than trigger decision fatigue in us with too much communication.

So what’s stopping you from achieving the supporters and significance you deserve?

It won’t be easy, but it’s as simple as using a great story to convey your ideas, values and experiences in content that’s enriched with relevance, proof and value.

The emotional element is key to your story’s success. Try to remember the last time your breath caught at the brilliance of a fact or personal opinion. How strong is your desire to follow a bean counter? How inspired are you by business reports?

It’s easy to see when someone is emotionally engaged by an idea or presentation. That new light in their eyes and rising tone in their voice tell you they’re hooked. And almost always, the person who managed to “hook” them had a powerful core message and knew how to communicate it with power.

If you have a nuclear core message that you feel passionate about, you’re already on your way. If you’re still wondering what it might be, we need to talk.

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