Become your own Mastermind group and nail the interview!

Successful job interviews are usually like good conversations. Trying to have a good conversation with memorized set answers to tough questions never works.

Productive conversations and authentic engagement will always trump formulaic answers.

Remember, these folks are paid to see through and undermine “well-prepared” applicants. They’ve read the same LinkedIn discussions about interviewing, and have had plenty of time to think up alternate questions.

To be more impressive, tell them more about your preferred communication style, problem-solving tendencies, and core values. And confirm how the company thinks. Then they’ll know you’re a good fit.

This is a perfect time to uncover your internal gold mine of personal qualities, and prepare to communicate them compellingly. Get into a very personable conversation with any interviewer and you’ll be the most appealing, confident and memorable candidate.

Even very self-aware people find it hard to pinpoint and talk about why they’re unique, and struggle to talk about what really matters to them.

To prepare for your next job interview you should assemble an experienced, reliable and knowledgeable mastermind group. They’ll inspire you to be more confident, help you identify your strongest qualities, and prepare you to communicate them effectively.

But what if you lack the resources to organize such a group, and motivate those experts commit to your success?

Good news–now you can become your own mastermind group! After just a few hours of lively and stimulating discussion you could be tapping into all the wisdom, instinctive solutions and emotional appeal that have helped you succeed for your whole life.

This discovery process isn’t for you if you’re desperate to take any job you can land. It’s for someone who’s really ready to take off.

And it isn’t for those who prefer to know everything that will happen in advance. Good conversations are too much fun for to add boring industrial-age procedures.

But if having a mastermind group appeals to you, you don’t mind being different and you enjoy brainstorming, check out or email me: <>

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