Stop Short-Changing Yourself!

1. For how many years did you make good things happen before you began working?

2. What fraction of your lifetime has been spent at your current position or business?

(In my case, about one-sixth)

3. Now: how often do you consciously apply all those success stories and lessons you learned, when you start, maintain and complete a project or task today?

4. And how explicitly do you place what you do–or want to do–in the context of your life’s work and accumulated achievements?

Not many people are able to do that. When most of us were growing up, success was primarily tied to industrial-style outcomes. A worker’s value to his or her society was equal to his or her ability to complete current tasks or projects successfully.

In that environment, remembering what you did well in your high school or college internship was worse than irrelevant–it was disruptive, because it distracted you from your pursuit of tangible success.

Times have changed. We can no longer be sure of what will be expected of us in an hour, or tomorrow. Overlooking the total of lifetime achievement greatly limits our agility and resourcefulness–we’re ignoring many resources, after all.

Contact me today and let’s begin on your voyage of discovery, and celebration of all the values, skills and visions that have been dormant for much too long.

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