Is there such a thing as “doubt-free” writing?

Writing is something we all need to do in the internet age; but it feels like a chore to most people.

This is a fairly new perspective. Just a century ago, every educated person loved to write letters and read aloud. Writing was a fun and fulfilling activity.

Most of us still recognize good writing, even if we can’t say why it appeals to us. We’re captivated by good stories, and our favorite Hollywood movie scripts are adapted from well written books. We’re constantly reminded of the need for compelling content in business communications, too.

So what prevents us from improving our communication skills?

Some might cite laziness. Clear, concise and compelling communication takes time and effort.

Blaise Pascal is famously quoted as having written,”I’m sorry I wrote you such a long letter; I didn’t have time to write a short one.”

And of course it’s less effort to watch a video or TV than to read or write (scientists tell us we burn more calories when asleep than in front of the Tube; not bad news to someone who hasn’t owned a TV for many years and doesn’t miss it).

It’s probably about doubt. It sets in whenever we have to do something we haven’t done much of (“Is this the right word or usage?” “Will this be interesting to anybody but me?” “When do I change the topic–and how–without confusing people?” etc).

Unlike skiing or public speaking, writing and reading are things we all have to do frequently as part of our work, study or personal correspondence.

Faced with this challenge, too many of us fall back on cliches, borrowed ideas or worn out convictions.

But the less we work at good writing, the worse it becomes. With all the writing you do every day, t’s time to try again and adopt a new method to make it a fun and successful business tool.

Let’s remove your doubt so you can enjoy writing about what matters, and benefit from it. Get in touch and start losing those doubts today.

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