To fit in, stand out.

Three essential requirements for any business today are:

  • To make it easier for people to know, like and trust you,
  • To establish a Unique Selling Proposition or value of your product or service, and
  • To communicate your unique qualities and value so nobody will confuse you with the competition.

Showing why your business is special will make customers and prospects feel more special when doing business with you. The underlying message of every marketing campaign is still “we’re different.”

Yet most Americans also prefer working with someone who proves their ability to work effectively with other companies and customers. The hidden message of every proof statement is “we fit in.”

Most marketing material reflects one or the other message: “we’re different” or “we fit in.” Banks and insurance companies project an image of stability and deliberate action, reminding us how they support traditional values without taking risks. High-tech companies or fashion houses, on the other hand, project an image of creativity and willingness to work outside the box: ”damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead.”

In a sense, banks and insurance companies perform like passenger jetliners, trying to make as few mistakes as possible so they’ll attract a risk-averse customer base, focused on reaching the destination safely. While high-tech companies and fashion houses resemble “Top Gun” pilots. They push the envelope and worry less about risk than banality as they get the job done.

Small businesses in the social media age must be careful about their message: they talk to many people who are hearing about them for the first time. And every marketing piece only has a few seconds to make a positive first impression.

Should a business market its intrinsic qualities (personal appeal, sense of responsibility etc.) or strong corporate attributes (track record, accomplishments and so on)?

The trend these days is away from stability and toward innovation and risk taking–even financial institutions, BP oil etc. are less concerned about risk. But we still seek businesses that help us breathe more easily and avoid anxiety or uncertainty.

For any small business in our dynamic “convergence culture,” there’s a lot riding on the quality of the brand. It must instantly suggest a dedication to people, alongside a commitment to systems that work well and continue to improve. It should make us think that everyone in your business is customer-centric and working on the same page, too.

Such nuanced, balanced messaging is new to most business owners. They need something different and cutting-edge. An easily implemented, non-disruptive and very inclusive process to help build a new, social-media friendly brand from the inside out.

Let’s discover your uniqueness, while conveying a proven ability to set and achieve goals. We’ll give you the tools and process to do that. You’ll enjoy the steady growth and glowing reputation.

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