Move To The Front!

'I like sitting in the front row' photo (c) 2007, Andreas Pizsa - license:

Few of us have ever dreamed of being a “yes-man” who hides in someone else’s shadow. We dream of being recognized and appreciated. Feeling like we matter.

Yet we routinely dummy down our messages, hoping to avoid being criticized or looking stupid.

Before a recent workshop I attended, for example, the entire front row of seats was empty; the seats in back filled up quickly. I even asked if the front seats were reserved for someone. Of course they weren’t, so down I sat. And afterwards the speaker thanked me for sitting in front and asking him some good leading questions.

Most businesses prefer to market themselves from the back of the room, too. They stick to what’s been said a thousand times by other people. They vainly hope that very busy readers, who have no time to waste on general or rehashed information, will somehow discover some extraordinary talents, insights and experiences, then initiate a profitable collaboration. Unless you’re selling something on Ebay it just ain’t gonna happen.

You matter. So does what you can contribute to us. But you only have a few seconds to communicate that with a clear, concise and compelling brand.

Business success stories never start in the back of the room. So move up front and move ahead with a great brand.

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2 Responses to Move To The Front!

  1. Jarom says:

    It’s easier to learn at the front of the room–it’s easier to heckle from the back.

    I guess it depends on who you are and your reason for being there…

  2. Carey says:

    Very true, Jarom.

    Also easier to daydream or doodle when you’re in the back. That’s why I always sit in front.

    Thanks for the comment.

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