Of Internet Apples and Oranges

'Oranges and Apples' photo (c) 2009, Christopher Reilly - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

Hoping to reduce our workload, we often use content that’s good for blogs in social media posts, and vice versa. This should be avoided.

The purpose of posting on social media is primarily to amuse ourselves. We shouldn’t expect many returns or benefits. These sites have always been the perfect place for people to say what they have to say–which is often nothing much.

The simplicity of what we exhibit of ourselves on Facebook as often as not makes us exquisitely incomprehensible or irrelevant to other denizens of the shallow.

The other kind of internet content (web sites, emails, blogs etc.) should amuse, inform or engage with other people. We shouldn’t expect to get as much pleasure from what we write for others, because it’s specifically intended to elicit a response.

Of course social media sites can inform and engage. Internet content can be a pleasure to write and share. But keeping the primary function of each in mind helps us avoid wasting time trying to get an apple to taste like an orange and vice versa.

Most of us use the internet to educate ourselves. Everything is in a state of flux offline as well as online. Only people comfortable with their own ignorance have much chance of taking full advantage of its riches. Everyone else’s manipulations and empire-building will only have limited success in the long run.

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