No Gain, No Pain

'Balance is everything in the art of slackline yoga!' photo (c) 2010, lululemon athletica - license:

Remember “balance?”

Where’d it go, anyway?

Could it be more than balancing the time we spend on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter?

In our passion for conversions, we abandon conversations.

In our quest for “free” and “easy,” we imagine a life with gain and no pain.

But what goes around will always come around, in one form or another.

People have recognized this natural law for millennia. Evidence fills the news reports.

Time to get real. Consciously balance pain and gain in your life.

It will give you more control and contentment. Guaranteed.

Stop envisioning hordes of customers, for example. Go after only as many as you need.

Take time to create good content with real value, and stop pumping out derivative filler.

Remove your face from the monitor long enough to have an interesting conversation or two, with people who have something to say.

Stop obsessing about gain and you’ll reduce the pain of being ignored by thousands of faux friends and persnickety prospects, to start with.

Balance has always been about gain and loss. What have you got to lose from seeking it?


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