Why Entrepreneurs Fail

Almost every entrepreneur has worked for someone else, and didn’t enjoy the experience.

They still remember having to do tasks they weren’t good at, and weren’t trained to do well. What they did well wasn’t appreciated.

Some manager or executive made the plans and decisions, jealously guarding their access to the reins of power.

And many higher-ups got paid a lot more money for doing what seemed like just a bit more work.

The first chance they get, these entrepreneurs escaped the system to start their own businesses. Unfortunately, many fail because they never define an alternative dream:

They still believe that success comes from a better plan, and wielding enough authority to make it work.

That was good enough a few decades ago, but today’s success stories have a very different plot.

They are built instead around a strong sense of mission, energized by strong personal responsibility to our supporters.

Even people who understand how things have changed still mimic the managers they couldn’t wait to get away from. Why? Because it’s easier.

Hundreds of experts tell us how to construct solid plans. And thousands of motivational gurus assure us that we deserve the authority to manage those plans profitably.

All those successful people rarely even mention the importance of “missions” and other intangibles–except their own, ad nauseum.

Defining and communicating our mission, and being responsible to those around us, may seem to lead us down a lonely, poorly defined road.

But there are proven, fulfilling and inclusive techniques available. Let’s get started.

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