Feeling desperate? But why?

Chinese character for "wealth"

Most big lottery winners eventually become miserable, often wishing they’d never won anything. They unfortunately couldn’t stop thinking like manual or salaried workers who buy lottery tickets, rather than the movers and shakers who buy successful businesses and hire successful people.

We all admire a winner’s down-to-earth decision to return to work the next day; but they’ll need a new way of looking at life, too–one that’s pretty close to a successful person’s view of the world.

So here’s the good news. The internet gives each of us countless opportunities to do things that only wealthy people could dream of doing 20 years ago. We can:

* Get any information we need, quickly and easily. * Communicate with people in every corner of the world. * Quickly save money and effort, and have lots of choices. * Get messages from many vendors and service providers who want our business and will customize their messages to us. * Stay up-to-date on issues that concern us. * Associate only with people who share our beliefs and values, and who’ll eagerly talk about what matters to us.

We can do all of that today. Yet it feels safer somehow to think like we’re still poor. So instead of appreciating and tapping into all our resources, we jump from one marketing bandwagon to the next, drawn by the empty promise that someone will take care of our futures.

It’s time to recognize that only “poor-thinking” people will desperately seek a magic pill or silver-bullet solution. Successful people are too confident, resource-rich and efficient for that.

Before your lifestyle can change, your thinking has to change. And remember, you’re already rich in many important ways. Convince yourself of that fact, then communicate it with confidence and poise.

Remember, nothing succeeds like success. And every success begins with knowing your Why and building productive conversations around it.

Make every conversation successful and get moving. Let’s talk!

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2 Responses to Feeling desperate? But why?

  1. Jarom says:

    I would guess that the Chinese character for “wealth” pictured above isn’t just the money definition of wealth. I’d imagine it’s a symbol of abundance and balance, of which even in our poorest moments we each have quite a bit.

  2. Len Hodgeman says:

    How can one feel poor when most of the world survives on a few dollars a day? It boggles my mind. When children ask me if I’m rich, I always tell them the truth. Yes, I am, compared to most of the people in the world. I can’t buy or possess everything, and don’t get everything I want or even think I need. But I have a lot. Survival is no longer an issue. I am thankful, and love being able to give to others. To me, that is true wealth.

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