Junk breaks the brand

Porridge for Landing Pages

1. Clothes may not make the man these days–especially if he works online.

2. But cloudy, copycat and confused content will definitely break your brand.

3. Companies invest thousands on graphics and sleek designs or intricate SEO campaigns. They want to stand out and get in front of thousands of prospects.

Yet they sabotage themselves with self-absorbed content. Site visitors want relevance, proof and value on the fly. Not more overstuffed verbiage.

They pour out porridge like this: “we strive to successfully implement relevant strategies” and Duh truisms like “Marketing effectively is not always easy.”

Would you rely on a business that pushes such junk at you? So why publish anything equally banal, knowing what the results will be?

Stop hiding your unique insights, offerings and skills. Present yourself immediately as an original who’s worth getting to know. Great words make a brand great, too.

Give yourself a break. Start brand-building today, beginning with a free, no obligation assessment of your content. Write me: trip@careygiudici.com

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