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“The trouble with writing a book about yourself is that you can’t fool around. If you write about someone else, you can stretch the truth from here to Finland. If you write about yourself the slightest deviation makes you realize instantly that there may be honor among thieves, but you are just a dirty liar.” ― Groucho Marx

Anyone writing for the internet should take Groucho to heart. Please.

We forget what an accomplished writer Groucho Marx was. Even as we laugh out loud at a Marx Brothers movie. He wrote or embellished those scripts, after all.

There are enough similarities between the world just after the Great Depression, and the world today, to make his style pertinent and powerful.

In other words, you could do much worse than following Groucho’s lead with your online content.


1. He was mostly writing about himself, like today’s bloggers.

2. But he always wanted to make us smile, like the best writers of online content.

3. And he showed us the world–or at least the people and language that drive the world–a little differently.

See a pattern yet?

His scripts and written pieces were entertaining, yet so close to the bone they still make us squirm a little. His material was hard to forget, and still is.

Be like Groucho and go viral. Let’s get started today:

p.s. Here’s a great film excerpt:


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