3 Keys to Good Writing

You can write. You do it every day. Everybody does.

  • You know your content must be as clear, concise and compelling as possible.
  • You carefully eliminate those deadening “I-me-my” references.
  • And you read it out loud to double-check its flow and clarity.

But you won’t connect with readers–much less move them to action–unless every paragraph includes or promises:

Relevance. This shows what you know about the individual you’re writing for (still writing for faceless crowds with general statements? Game over). Relevance tells a reader you know him or her and have done your homework. Make them feel special; they’ll gift you time and attention.
Proof. This can be data and statistics, social proof (”10,000 Frenchmen can’t be wrong”) or emotional proof established in a great story. Why should anyone listen to an “expert” who can’t show credentials?
Value is your real bottom line; it gives readers a good reason to follow you. And it makes your stuff good enough to be shared with friends or family.

Does all this sound like too much effort? Time you stopped writing and posted pretty pictures instead.

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