Communicate like a hero

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When you like everything you put online, you can connect with people you genuinely like. That’s the first step to meaningful relationships.

Respect yourself and what you offer. Respect your visitors and prospects, too. Expand your horizon beyond bank balances.

It’s impossible to care about money or prestige and your core message at the same time. So refuse to focus primarily on money or fame; you’re too good for that.

Be like the people you continue to care about, years after meeting them. They helped you nurture the relationship, even if it only lasted for one meeting.

There was no clutter in a conversation with them. You only talked about things that matter, so you never got tired of them.

Be as memorable as they were. Make sure everything shows you at your best, because what you say will always represent you.

It’s your internet; your chance to be a hero. Make the most of it.

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2 Responses to Communicate like a hero

  1. Thank you, You are a trip! just when I start to question myself I read your insight and I’m ready to go again.

    Cynthia Snyder

    • Trip :) says:

      Thanks for the kind words, Cynthia. Questioning yourself is never an option! Nothing you ever do is really right or wrong, it just Is. So do it!

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