A Great Site for Mandarin Students

Learning a language is largely about insights, challenges and relationships.

The first two usually happen on their own, as we question our biases and habitual thinking about the culture or its language.

It can feel like being pushed up against a plate glass window: there’s lots of new stuff inside to enjoy, but first you need to work your way through what’s keeping you outside–much of it internal.

If you’re lucky, you’ll meet a teacher or study buddy who knows where you’re coming from and where you hope to end up. Someone who appreciates words and conversations as the keys to great new relationships. And who offers a good learning relationship to get you started.

It isn’t easy to find a relationship-based learning experience in a classroom. It’s even harder online. That’s why I really appreciate www.studymorechinese.com‘s unusual approach.

The host Brandon feeds us bite-sized pieces of useful Mandarin, accompanied by clear, concise and friendly explanations. These Mandarin lessons aren’t like lingerie commercials. They focus on the practical, sociable aspects of the language instead.

This site fills a need for any learner who’s ready to manage his or her own learning process, and build meaningful relationships with other learners who have been there, done that . . . and who care.

Check it out.

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