Fields of Dreams

You’ve built it . . . so are they coming?

Whether the movie “Field of Dreams” inspired, irritated or mystified you, it presents a few interesting questions for anyone doing (or planning to do) business online.

  • The film’s hero constructed a baseball field on valuable farm land in search of . . . something. Proposed by a disembodied voice. Today’s entrepreneurs or wannabes are giving up the time they might have used to build careers or reputations in established fields, to pursue business opportunities that are often no less ephemeral or proven. How clear, down-to-earth and achievable are your own internet business goals?
  • In the movie, neighbors and family members dismissed Costner’s character as an unrealistic crackpot, putting his family’s future at risk. Internet success seems equally foolhardy or ethereal to people who have invested their lives and fortunes in more traditional pursuits. What drives you to start an online business? Could you make a persuasive argument in support of your goals to an even more skeptical audience than in the film? Or should you wait until you can?
  • These skeptics saw baseball as a way to unwind or hang out with friends, not as a serious business activity. Sound like social media?
  • The movie hero was encouraged and inspired by great baseball players of the past. Today’s entrepreneurs, many with less practical knowledge of business or technology than Costner’s character had of baseball, invoke the spirits of industry legends in a hopeful attempt to achieve success by osmosis.

Many men and women who dismissed the film “Field of Dreams” as silly or pointless years ago are probably working on their own internet business as we speak. Which field of dreams are they investing their time and money in?

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