Guaranteed big bucks

Q: What do telemarketers and their successors, the “millions-waiting-in-your-account” email scammers, have in common?
A. They both want to get rid of you. As fast as possible.

They want to avoid wasting time, energy and resources on duds: prospects who will only fall for their pitch when hell freezes over. They’re looking for gullible suckers. So they consciously irritate you or insult your intelligence, just to see if you have any. If so, they’ll drop you like a hot rock.

Knowing this simple principle can save you and your business big bucks. Think about it.

Is your strategy like that of a telemarketer or an email scammer: eliminating as many prospects as quickly as possible? Then keep sending out the impersonal, valueless internet marketing messages that 95% of your competitors use.

There’s only one weakness in that very popular strategy: it will only eliminate desirable prospects–not attract, engage and finally inspire them to take action. Good prospects will never respond to such messages, period. Because you’re failing to give them a reason to even consider getting into a meaningful business relationship.

The ancient internet rule “garbage in, garbage out” has never been as relevant as when you plan an internet marketing campaign. If an email or autoresponder is easy for you to send out, it’s also very easy for people who receive it to delete, without even bothering to read past the Subject line.

To snag the good prospects out there, and maybe convert them into customers or clients, stop making your messages easy to ignore. To get my business, recognize and celebrate my intelligence rather than insulting it. That is and has always been the beginning of beautiful relationships!

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