First readers or no readers

Q: Which entrepreneurs like to imagine they’ll get rich and famous without ever studying techniques or skill sets and without any expert advice or training?

A: Writers.

The majority of authors are actually “hobbyists” who insist they can’t afford to hire an editor–despite every successful writer’s  confirming the vital importance of having a quality editor.

The cost issue may just be a red herring for many writers. They’re often more worried about an editor undermining the sense of validation they get from calling themselves writers and practicing their “trade.”

Look at writing as your work. If you got a job would you insist on a leadership role despite your lack of any training and experience? And if you got that position would you insist on teaching yourself how to do your job on the fly  without any professional support or feedback?

And some day being paid a good salary to boot?

Successful writing depends 100% on how well the author anticipates and satisfies their customers needs. Most readers won’t know you personally so they can instantly think of much better things to do than reading poor content.

Save yourself time and mental anguish–talk to at least one objective and seasoned reader as soon as possible.

Only then will you have a prayer of attracting hundreds or thousands of habitually judgmental readers.

Consider your carefully chosen new editor a terrific investment; they’re your best chance at succeeding.

Make a good editor your first and best reader.

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