What You Know

What do you know?

Are you putting lots of it into everything you write?

One big reason your readers don’t stay excited about what you’ve written: they just aren’t interested in reading stuff they’ve heard somewhere else.

Make that “former readers.” They’ll only keep reading if you give them something unique and surprising.

Tweaking what you heard somewhere feels easy and safe. It should set off your mental alarms instead.

Everything should be original and thought-provoking. This requies more guts, skill and enthusiasm than most of us can come up with without professional help.

But it will set you apart from the competition so it’s the best investment of effort and resources.

Writing what you know is your ticket to success. When it becomes your trademark, your work will have a chance of putting you over the top.

Deep down you already know this; you also know how to make it happen.

Get an editor.

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