Why You Need A Fun Lifestyle

In the early 60s our mother was a Village beatnik. Times changed; in my teen years our little family acted more like hippies or gypsies. Every three years or less we’d move and she’d change jobs.

Our unspoken rule was “As soon as what we’re doing and where we’re living stops being fun we hit the road.” So I soon became a master improviser addicted to unexpected and memorable experiences.

If something was normal we’d happily live without it.

It made sense for my brother John and me to attend a “college without walls” so we could travel around the world, doing whatever independent study appealed to us in faraway and fun places.

Then we graduated and I tried to get jobs and acceptance by mainstream society. Constantly failing at that wasn’t much fun, but at least I never got stuck in a rut. Instead I fully enjoyed being with my young daughters and constantly checking out new stuff whenever I felt like it.

My ideal lifestyle has always included learning and helping others without expecting a reward–because every effort was also my reward.

Many people seem to be getting uneasy with what they’ve got and envy my life of adventure and spontaneity. I’m happy to inspire anyone who feels that way to be different and follow their instincts.

So what about the dire threats we’re always getting? “To be happy you have to toe somebody’s line and conform?” Pure baloney; the benefits of traveling light and having lots of fun connecting with strangers will far outweigh any illusory costs.

Be bravely weird; then some day you too will be remembered for all your irreplaceable and fun memories.

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