“Save The Last Dance For Me”

Bloggers and content marketers are only human; they’ll sometimes try to eat their dessert first.

Front-loading your article with a point and then tap dancing through the rest of the piece without adding much relevance, proof or value might feel like you’ve gotten away with something.

It’s like putting all the exciting scenes from a movie in the trailer to attract movie goers.

But readers are increasingly demanding and jealous of the time they spend reading. Once they begin feeling short-changed they’ll simply move on. Without you.

Don’t be like the infamous prom date who flirts with somebody else after a dance or two. Give your readers the value and entertainment they want … up to the final sentence.

Readers will follow your narrative with sincere interest if you give them good enough reasons to.

And there are a couple of tested and painless ways to avoid short-changing your readers:

  1. You could use an organizational or brainstorming tool like a mind map. I started using an visual outline as a planning tool decades ago and saw immediate improvement in the quality of my transitions, internal logic and structure. Or
  2. Find an editor savvy and caring enough to make certain your blog ends as memorably as it started.

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