Make magic not “meh”

A few times I’d walk up to the registration desk of a conference and introduce myself as a journalist.

“I’m thinking of writing an article about the conference and one or two of the topics on your agenda.”

Free pass–sometimes even with a complimentary lunch.

This wasn’t dishonest: I’m always looking for story or interview ideas. And they were happy to let me in. They knew that a journalist would add value to their conference and mission. A real win-win.

There’s plenty of magic in words if we always choose them thoughtfully and connect them carefully.

And you can be a magician if you’re committed to practicing and polishing your magic act.

Pull a happy surprise out of a situation or scenario. Spread sparkly images with elan like you’re spreading a deck of cards. Jump into a tank and show off your lasting power.

Sloppy or derivative writing will always be greeted with a speedy goodbye.

So make everything you write magic and get a return engagement.

And tell someone at your next conference that Carey sent you.

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