Welcome to the Microeducation Movement

Even people who hated going to school now spend much of their time every day in an educational setting.

Whether we spend our time online with work or play or entertainment or socializing, we’re trying to educate or improve ourselves–with tiny “lessons” that might only be available for a few seconds.

These aren’t the “Gee I didn’t know that” educational moments that we used to pick up from magazines in a doctor’s office.

Today’s lessons matter, At the very least they can make our day–as when we finally learn how to ace a video game, or get high praise for something we posted on Facebook. It’s how we learn to play the game better or get a desired reaction

Even such minor experiences can affect our enthusiasm and success.

And most lessons or tips that might affect our future career and marriage are gone again at the speed of a flying digit. If at that moment we’re distracted or suffering from “decision fatigue,” a major opportunity has just slipped through our poised fingers!

The most successful people are well prepared for each instantaneous opportunity. Yet even young people still try to apply outdated thinking and learning processes that schools drum into us.

“Microeducation” can be used by people from any cultural or social background; children and people from less “advanced” societies can pick it up without needing to unlearn anything.

It’s new and exciting and very easy to learn. Check it out today!







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