Confidence – and How We Help Build it

In a recent Fast Company article, Leadership Consultant and author Angie Morgan noted the importance of dealing with dozens of everyday challenges that tend to shake our confidence. This matters! Feeling confident always increases our ability to achieve our goals.

“When you lack confidence you put a lid on your potential,” Morgan pointed out. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. And we don’t intend anyone we work with to have to deal with such a lack.

So what does this have to do with Avvene our new international project designed to help any child anywhere prepare for success and leadership? It’s simple: increasing everyone’s self-confidence has been a key program goal since day one.

The program is designed to give every participant–including adult mentors and helpers–a steady stream of increased confidence; and then help them nurture it in others.

Four confidence-building steps are mentioned in the Fast Company article; and all are built in to every Avvene interaction and activity. They include:

  1. Practice Positive Self-Talk:

Every adult currently involved in developing the program’s pilot project in Ladysmith, South Africa is actively building a steady diet of self-affirmation and comments that praise the children participants.

Associate Professor Sonia Kang is lead researcher of a study cited by Morgan. She is quoted:  “Any time you have low expectations for your performance, you tend to sink down and meet those low expectations.”

Negative self-talk and low prsonal expectations will never have a place in Avvene.

  1. Bask in Your Successes

From the very first day, children will be invited to share and celebrate their personal strengths and skills by recounting what they’ve always done well and hope to improve on in the future.

The initial questionnaire used to gather information as the primary source for the “reader’s” personalized book focuses on successful behaviors and positive perspectives.

  1. Surround Yourself With Supportive People

Success never comes from simply repeating “happy talk” or inspirational cliches. Our supportive mentors or helpers will always be on the lookout for young “readers” to immediately begin achieving incremental or noteworthy success while growing new confidence that will last a lifetime.

  1.  Manage Confidence-Killing Thoughts

Everything our readers and their helpers do will carry them into unexplored psychological territory that’s outside their comfort zones and familiar environments. Their long-term success depends on a resourceful ability to embark on a personal growth adventure with good humor, mutual support and courage.

“Courage isn’t action in absence of fear,” says Morgan. “It’s action in spite of fear. ”

Our program’s unique culture reflects its founders’ lifelong eagerness to function and find ways to succeed even in unfamiliar circumstances. Each participant will discover a new world of supporters able to help him or her face and overcome their fear of the unknown and even– when necessary–faltering self-confidence.

  1. Use Body Language

In a program as completely decentralized and multi-cultural as ours in which key developers and coordinators have spent years living and working with people from countless countries and backgrounds the respectful productive use of body language (including possibly “power poses or at least good posture) in every interaction will be a key collaborative component.
So how about it? You should seriously consider becoming involved in Avvene’s programs and activities–it will be a real confidence booster!

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