It’s Okay to Hate … Writing

Some great writers have hated to write.

In his book “The Great Shark Hunt” (Simon & Schuster), Hunter S. Thompson wrote:

“I’ve always considered writing to be the most hateful kind of work. Nothing is fun when you have to do it — over and over, again and again — or else you’ll be evicted, and that gets old.”

If that infamous “Fear and Loathing” curmudgeon hated to write because of how routine it can seem, you can too.

Just don’t hate it enough to never start doing it–or give up soon after. Then you’re depriving yourself of some of the very real personal and professional benefits it can bring you.

There are plenty of reasons you need a good editor–even if you hate to write and aren’t sure you even want to do it. Like anything else you do, it can be fun or tiresome; and if your editor doesn’t make it seem fun and challenging,  you should find a new editor.

Think about how much time you spend each day using a computer or smartphone, and what percentage of that time you are writing already. Think about how much you’ll enjoy unlearning the drivel from your school’s English class–thumbing your nose at a dreary teacher.

Think of it as a game of chess in which you know you’ll win because you can think more moves ahead than the reader. Or even think of it as a shopping spree in which you’re able to constantly look at your past experiences before putting them back into the shopping bag and embarking on another spree.

Go ahead: keep hating to write, while you finish your first book and gain amazing insights into your own character and your characters’ characters. Travel and play and reminisce and experience the textures of countless cherished moments.

It’s what happens when you’re writing–and there’s so much more to it!

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