Seeing Six Moves Ahead

“You are thinking six moves ahead!”

In “The Queen of Katwe” a young Ugandan girl discovers her passion for chess and a natural ability to become really good at it.

Her coach realizes she could even become a chess master the day she demonstrates her ability to visualize exactly what moves her opponent will make and what her response to each move should be.

The youth in this true story was very lucky to have found her true calling and natural talents at such an early age. Eventually her skill enabled her to fulfill a lifelong dream and buy a nice house for her mom.

How many thousands of children in similar impoverished living conditions around the world have some talent that could save their family or community and bring important new solutions to a world in dire need of great new leaders?

And how many of them are already able to “think six moves ahead” and solve critical problems–but have never been given a chance to apply their talents where they might do the most good?

The new Avvene educational project is dedicated to helping children everywhere identify their natural skills and abilities so they can quickly become the kind of teachers, experts and project developers we all need.

For more information and to see some of the future leaders we’re already working with, please visit our project’s landing page:

Isn’t it time for you to think six moves ahead–and visualize a world in which every young person has a real opportunity to make every skill and interest count?

We’re all in this together;

So let’s act like we know it and do something about it.




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