How To Sell A Brothel in Pimlico

Anyone in sales or marketing knows in principle how effective total honesty can be  in ads and communications
He or she will also have deep misgivings about venturing that far out of their comfort zone

As a public service to help reassure people in this group we are pleased to share this real estate ad from about 50 years ago

It was presented by a very successful British real estate agent screen-shot-2016-12-26-at-12-10-38-pmwho broke all the rules by being completely honest and reaped all the benefits by getting what he wanted for his advertised property

One reason Avvene is working with children (aside from the fact that our species’ survival is in their hands) is that they are more likely to be completely honest than adults

In a sense this is our brand; if you are prepared to not only live with but also nurture honesty among our future leaders then we invite you to join our mission

[Photo courtesy of “Ask Drayton”–Drayton Bird’s web site where savvy marketing and sales professionals go for fresh air]

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