The Joy of Losing

Life is often about losing, and feeling unhappy when it happens.

We lose people we care about, and our home or possessions.

(I never hear from many people I’ve loved the most; and all the pictures, clothes, letters, books that once seemed to define me have disappeared)

We lose arguments or discussions. Our precious status at work or in the family too. Our expectations and dreams–big sources of disappointment!

(I try to persuade people to work with me, yet conversations eventually turn into word games or ego trips that go nowhere, accomplish nothing, or alienate acquaintances I thought would help me make it big)

We waste valuable time and money on optimistic plans that disappear without a trace, and find ourselves in dead ends with no apparent way out.

(Social media. ‘Nuff said)

But guess what? That’s good news. The more we lose, the closer we’re getting to the kind of joy all those things were supposed to bring us.

Life is a journey. Like any journey, it’s most fun with minimal baggage–emotional, physical or mental.

We’ve spent most of our time acquiring or getting attached to “baggage.” So we’ll gain the most happiness by dealing with its loss in a positive way.

(Being cheerful and generous in defeat, resourceful when things go screwy, and philosophical when everyone around us is losing it)

All that baggage can make us feel important and permanent. But the kind of happiness that hangs around forever … comes from traveling as light as possible.

Take it from a lifelong road bum: the less baggage you have to wrestle with, the more you can enjoy the beauty and fulfillment in the world we’re lucky enough to be part of.

And in the last moments of life, the realization that we’re about to lose everything will be front and center.

The more graceful and buoyant we are about our loss and pain, the happier we’ll be when it matters the most.

So practice being a graceful loser today. Celebrate what you’re really accomplishing … by losing.


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  1. Carol says:

    Thanks! I needed to hear this today.

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