How to get more positive–for more positive results

We’re all filled with healing energy … which the world could definitely use more of.

Nothing will make you happier than helping people around you relax and enjoy themselves.

Even without saying a word, your pleasant expression and alert demeanor might charge the air with positive energy.

They will also help you build some things you wish you had more of:

  • Optimism and resourcefulness
  • Happier moods
  • New collaborative relationships
  • Popularity
  • Greater productivity

(After all, everybody prefers to be around upbeat people)

It isn’t always easy. But the worse you feel, the bigger improvement that attitude adjustment will make in your day.

Everyone responds differently to different  to different self-talk.  Here are a few tricks that have worked for me:

  • Any time you’re bored, or feel left out, or start wondering if you’ve got any new digital messages…
    • Take a deep cleansing breath, look around you and mentally some of your positive energy to the people and situations around you. And smile.
  • When you’ve reached a “dead end” and don’t know how to deal with a complex or very challenging situation or person…
    • Tell yourself that your current perspective is exactly opposite how things really are, and imagine what you could do if that were the case, then smile.
  •  When you feel you’ve done everything possible, and have reached the end of your rope…
    • Mentally accept the current situation as your starting point, exhaustion and all (take it from this avid swimmer, we’ve always got more strength or energy than we imagine); then smile.

At the very least, a decision to share positive energy or ideas rather than licking your mental wounds will make your day more positive and show in your demeanor. Everyone around you will be motivated to share their own positive energy with you, and get you in a productive state of mind.

Then you can shine into the universe a little more brightly than usual!

(And tell the stars I sent you!)

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