Write Like a Pro (2 of 6)

Hook ‘em, don’t overload ‘em.

Your first written piece or web site home page won’t persuade us to sign on your dotted line. The absolute maximum you should expect is to make us want to know you better. 

So don’t waste the precious few seconds of attention you’ll get from your readers with TMI–too much information.

I first stumbled across my friend and network marketing coach Jarom Adair’s site two years ago. I was quickly impressed by his readable style, knowledge and obvious willingness to help. I stayed interested for two years, until I was ready to begin internet marketing. His is an example we should all follow.

Short words, short sentences and short paragraphs. 

All the experts–Dr. Rudolph Flesch and E.B. White before World War II, internet usability expert Jakob Nielsen, and many others–have shared this eternally useful advice. And it’s never been as pertinent as it is for internet age writers.

Big words are for beginners, politicians and stuffed shirts. Excess verbiage hides the value of your points, without disguising the fact that you lack anything important to say.

I short-circuit my tendency to overload by outlining every written piece as a Mind Map brainstorm first (thousands of examples and free apps are online). Start with two or three word sentences, and words short enough to fit in little circles. Then add just enough additional words to barely but clearly make your point. Then stop.

Writing this way also sets up built-in transitions and connectors in a narrative, so your flow and logic will improve.

(The final article in this series will include many other tips and tricks, but for now just remember to KISS your readers. They’ll love you for it!)

[Tomorrow: The customer isn’t always right . . . ]

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  1. Carey, great post! I love the idea you present and “kiss” is always the way to go. Thanks for the tip(s)!

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