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Carey C. Giudici-award-winning journalist, poet and essayist–has decades of experience using extraordinary language to help individuals, businesses and communities tap into all of their resources and insights.

For over ten years he has had his own communications business

“In editing, consulting and coaching as with everything in life, it’s all about people. I greatly appreciate the support of folks like these, who took time to send me this wonderful feedback.”

“I give endless thanks to my friend, fellow author, and incredibly talented editor Carey (Trip) Giudici, who seemed to always sense the difference between what I was trying to write and what I wanted to write. Thank you for your outstanding job, Trip! You loved this story and cared about the way I told it!”

from Acknowledgments in An Angry Drum Echoed by Pamela Bauer Mueller (Pinata Press, 2006)

“It is always a pleasure working with Trip Giudici on any writing assignment that my clients may have. His ability to write effectively and vividly, combined with his attention to detail and timeliness, is a valuable commodity in today’s world. Trip’s creative strength with the written word makes my job much easier!”

Becky Parker, President, Marketing Solutions of the South, Inc.

“What amazed me is your ability to delete words in a manner that improves the readability of the text.”

Dr. Jon Traer, author, Going to the Gradies

“Anyway, what you have written is perfect. It strikes a very nice balance, is accurate and is right on target in every respect. I think it adds a nice touch to Pam’s story without belaboring the point.”

Buddy Sullivan, historian and author

“Hi Trip, GREAT work! As usual, you took a “good” chapter and made it much better. Both of those didn’t read well for me, and now they do! I took many of your suggestions to enhance the sense of place and continuity. Many thanks! Cheers, Pam”

Pamela Bauer Mueller

“Carey is a some what humble person, as you often have to push him a bit to find out that he is an Award Winning Journalist. He also speaks several different languages which be will seldom mention, and works with the Asian Chamber of Commerce.
If you need a ghost writter, or a copywriter he is definitely the person to choose, he has an unsurpased skill as a writter and I have learned much from him.

I am priviledged to have him as a friend and business associate.

Martin Meyer, CPBOwner, B. Meyer & Associates Bookkeeping Services

“It was my pleasure to work with Trip during 2006-2007. I always found him to be reliable, focused and hard working. He shouldered the work load and oftentimes went beyond the call of duty to fulfill his assignments.”

David R.Assistant Manager – Butler Services, Sea Island Company

“Trip edited some chapters of my book “This Business of Music Marketing and Promotion,” published by Billboard Books.

“Trip’s editorial suggestions helped streamline the text and make it more engaging for targeted readers. His knowledge of the subject matter enabled him to make substantive suggestions that were on the mark. He helped me immeasurably, and I look forward to working with him again.”

Tad Lathrop hired Carey as a Writer/Editor

“Carey has years of hard earned experience under his belt. From projects encompassing Editorial and Feature writing to marketing and business development, Carey’s genuine persona and excellent communication skills make him a valuable asset to any organization. Add project management/ development of training programs to that mix and you’ve got an irresistible combination of talent, passion and objective based thinking that will make you go “ahhh”.” April 18, 2008

Sylvester GarzaOwner, Garza Productions

“Carey “Trip” Giudici has been a colleague for many years. His abilities as a writer, editor, wordsmith, and strategic thinker have been very helpful to me on numerous occasions. I recommend his services highly.”

Andy Silver, Founder, President, ResolutionExperts.com
worked directly with Carey “Trip” at The Editorial Group, Inc.

Email Carey: <trip@careygiudici.com>

6 Responses to About Us

  1. Annette says:

    Your writing is really good, Carey! It reminds me of how much more I have to do to polish what I’ve already written (as well as the tough stuff I have to write) “sing” for writers. Of course, you are living close to another great, modern writer, Khaled Hosseini, whose books I love. Warm wishes!

  2. Your writing has inspired me so much I’m not going to let the intimidation I’m feeling interupt anything I do with you. I will use the enthusiasm inherent in every bone in my body, to do the best job I can to produce the best stories I can. So there! I can’t wait to learn everything, and then use it.

    Cynthia Snyder (new client).

    • Carey says:

      Aw shucks, Cynthia . . . Glad we can begin working together! You can already write, and do many more things you haven’t been giving yourself credit for, too. Let’s do it to it!

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