Grandparents Just Want To Have Fun Too!

It has been too long since I saw my first grandchild, Samuel Thomas Lowe.

There’s so much I want to share with him: my experiences, acquired wisdom and life lessons, personal values … but most of all, lots of laughter and good times together.

If he couldn’t wait to see me again, his parents Catherine and Sean Lowe would be eager to organize visits and more time together.

In today’s world it’s gotten much harder to forge personal bonds like the ones I enjoyed with my grandmothers.

Recently I’ve started recording the stories of past adventures and experiences–dozens of them–in a YouTube channel I call “Stay Happy Samuel.” Any time he’s ready he can check them out.

Yet there’s no substitute for personal time, right? So I’ve thought up an intriguing way to show him how much fun and wisdom I can share with him.

It should be easier for me than for most people. I have 40 years’ experience in the design and implementation of innovative community building and educational programs

At a Boys & Girls Club after-school program, for example, I taught pre-teens how to interview community and business leaders. And had them practice on their grandparents.

(One fifth-grade girl told me this had been the first time she’d said anything to her grandmother except “Thanks for the present, grandma.” That was a very proud moment)

More recently I developed an original program called Social Media International Leadership Education–SMILE for short.

Now that I’m a grandparent myself, I came up with a new way to help kids and grandparents bond.

I call it “Start The Party!”

If you’d like more fun times with your grandchildren, contact me at <> and we can get started.

And party hearty, friends!