Great writers (and editors) serve

Since childhood I’ve preferred being last in line. As a would-be Southern gentleman of course always for ladies, but for men as well.

Following everybody I’m sure we are going to the same place.  I enjoy watching them interact with each other and our surroundings. It makee others feel special and allows me to be ready in case there’s a problem I can help resolve.

This is also how I edit books.  Writers have enough on their minds without trying to please an editor.  My job is to help writers discover and clarify their intent and make sure both the reader’s and writer’s goals are being met.

When looking for an editor try to find one with a sincere “servant leader” philosophy.  Ask them how they work with clients and drop anybody who needs to be a know it all.

And while you’re at it, demonstrate how mature and skillful you are as a writer, Make your own work more successful by putting readers’ needs before your own.